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The proposed Island Gas Connector Project (IGC Project) between Sumas, Washington and the proposed Malahat LNG project on Vancouver Island, British Columbia includes a natural gas pipeline, meter stations and maintenance facilities.


The IGC Project is an estimated 81-mile (129-kilometre) natural gas pipeline between Washington State and Vancouver Island. The pipeline would deliver Canadian natural gas approximately 34 miles (54 kilometres) from Northwest Pipeline’s Canadian gas interconnect at Sumas, Washington, to the shoreline in the Birch Bay/Custer, Washington area. From there, it would travel approximately 47 miles (75 kilometres) underwater to the proposed Malahat LNG Project site, approximately five miles (7 kilometres) south of Mill Bay, BC, on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

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The proposed pipeline between Sumas, Washington and Malahat LNG on Vancouver Island would include the building of several IGC Project-related facilities including:

  • Meter stations
  • Maintenance facilities that would be used to regularly inspect and maintain the pipeline
  • Pipeline compression facilities in Washington

Malahat LNG

The IGC Project would deliver natural gas to the proposed Malahat LNG facility, to be located on the shoreline of Malahat Nation-owned land, approximately 7 kilometres (5 miles) south of Mill Bay, BC, on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The proposed floating liquefaction production facilities will be moored to jetties along the shoreline, and supported by minor land-based infrastructure. The proposed Malahat LNG Project is a separate entity from the IGC Project

The proposed location of the Malahat LNG Project provides excellent access to the Pacific Ocean and customers in Asia along shipping routes routinely used for the safe transportation of commercial and industrial goods.

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